Science Discovery


Our Inspiring Education Team

Tosha Punches

Tosha graduated from the University of La Verne with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and later earned a multiple-subject teaching credential. She is a passionate teacher with experience developing and implementing curricula in a wide range of topics. Tosha enjoys teaching science-related issues and has over a decade of experience working with students of all ages. Tosha teaches about recycling, composting, and all the resource conservation topics that Science Discovery delivers to schools. This is Tosha’s first year with our education Team.

Stacey Beveridge

Stacey is beginning her 15th year with Science Discovery. She has a BS in education from Eastern Michigan University and a California teaching credential. Stacey teaches all in-class and virtual programs that Science Discovery offers. Her wealth of experience and outstanding teaching skills earn glowing reviews from teachers at all grade levels. Stacey has presented an impressive 5,000+ class programs and field trips during her years at Science Discovery! Stacey also coordinates the scheduling of all class programs for the balance of our staff, over 1,500 per year. When she catches her breath from teaching and scheduling, Stacey loves editing the many beautiful videos we put out for teachers and students. Stacey is an avid runner and usually wins, or places in the top three of her age category in 10K runs. She also enjoys going to her son Bodhi's roller hockey games and supporting his interest in sports.


Alex has a B.S. in Environmental Management & Protection from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Previously, Alex worked at a day camp where he provided team building and environmental education activities with middle school students. Alex is enthusiastic about teaching and sharing his knowledge with students of all ages!

Julian Farnsworth

Julian graduated from Humboldt State University with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Management. His concentration at Humboldt was Environmental Education & Interpretation, providing Julian with the skills and background to be an outstanding educator. Julian currently teaches a variety of recycling-related programs with Science Discovery. Before joining our education team, Julian worked at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle as a lead teacher providing instruction and leadership for interactive week-long science camps for school-age children. Julian most recently worked for the California State Parks Department as an Interpretive Specialist, where he planned and conducted Jr. Ranger programs.

Dean Thompson

Dean has over 34 years of experience teaching environmental education along the central coast of California. He received his B.S. in Natural Resources Management from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Dean shares a wealth of experience and enthusiasm with his education team members and teaches all solid waste, recycling, and composting programs. In 2012 he was presented with the Howard Bell Award for Outstanding Contribution in the field of Environmental Education by the Association of Environmental and Outdoor Educators. In 2019 Dean was recognized by the Kern County Superintendent of Schools by receiving the Outstanding Service to Education Award. Dean has a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential.

Mike Di Milo

Mike is the principal of Science Discovery and has been involved in environmental education for over 25 years. He has a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Management from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Mike works with all Science Discovery team members assuring that both the school education, public outreach, and business programs provide exemplary levels of inspiration, innovation, and service, to students, teachers, and business people.  Mike enjoys riding his motorcycle and watching his favorite ice hockey team when he’s not at work.

Nicole Yerena

Nicole holds a Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She enjoys educating students about the world around them, and has previously worked at Moss Landing Marine Labs and has mentored high school students in a summer camp focused on science. Nicole teaches a variety of elementary education programs for students who receive outreach from the Science Discovery education program.

Our Inspiring Commercial Recycling Team

Antonio Delacruz

Tony provides recycling and organics outreach to business and multi-family locations in Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo County. He began working with the Science Discovery team in 2022. Tony is fluent in Spanish and provides translation assistance with business and residential recycling programs. He thoroughly enjoys being able to contribute to local communities, whether for solid waste matters or fire disaster recovery, which Tony previously did before joining Science Discovery. Tony enjoys fixing computers and, most of all, playing soccer with his two daughters.

Michael Bender

Mike is passionate about recycling and composting organics. He provides outreach to many businesses along the central coast, helping them improve their capacity to recycle and keep organics out of landfills. Michael has live on the Central Coast for over two years and enjoys exploring with his recently adopted dog.

Nicole Yerena

Nicole holds a Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences from the University of California, Santa Cruz and works a dual role as an educator and with our Commercial Recycling Team. Nicole enjoys the challenge of helping businesses get on board with recycling and composting their waste. Nicole is highly organized and passionate about her work. On the weekends, Nicole enjoys searching for and collecting rocks on the central coast.

Jennifer Codron

Jennifer leads our commercial recycling team. She has five years of commercial experience working with garbage companies, businesses and local government. Jennifer excels in developing practical solutions when faced with challenging situations. She is instrumental in developing a commercial organics composting program with over 600 participating businesses throughout San Luis Obispo County. Jennifer enjoys a variety of sports with her husband and three adult children.

Jessi Brown

Jessi is in her second year of providing commercial recycling services to local businesses. Jessi works with over 100 entities providing information and support services ensuring that they are compliant with a variety of state and local recycling mandates.